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  • How do Foamy Bubbles parties work?
    We arrive early before the start time. We set up with a 5ftx5ft walled tent and provide contactless service. While you and your guests are entertained in our foam, we play high-energy music to keep the atmosphere fun!
  • What do you wear for a Foam Party?
    Lightweight shorts and shirts are advisable. Running through the foam will leave you damp and will dry off in the sun. But swimsuits are suitable for kids and adults who will be in the foam for longer periods. Having a towel is recommended. And goggles are best for kids who chooses to play or sit inside the foam pile.
  • Do you get wet in the foam?
    Yes. Running through foam may leave you damp and you can easily dry off in the sun. Playing in the foam pile for longer will get you wet. Swimsuits and towels are recommended.
  • Where should I have my Foam Party?
    Outdoors on a clear, open, flat area is best. Our flexible set up allows us to set up on grass, driveways, parking lots, sport courts, etc. We don’t recommend dirt surfaces because they get muddy. We like to have at least a 20x20 space to work with, but can adjust to your needs. For Bigger events Like fairs and festivals, we can provide a custom package with multiple Foam Blasters for Attendees 100 and up.
  • How do you clean up after a Foam Party?
    Our foam solution is designed to dissipate in the sun, but we like to spray down the foam before we leave the party.
  • What if it rains?
    You have the option of rescheduling or get a Full Refund.
  • Is the foam safe for adults, kids, and pets?
    Yes! Our Foam Solution is hypo-allergenic, dye-free, biodegradable and safe for kids, pets and the environment. We DO NOT use dish soaps that can dry or irritate skin. We only use professional grade foam solution.
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